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Why Coffee Roasters blend coffee

Have you ever wondered why Coffee Roasters create blends?

Similar to a Chef, the Coffee Roaster combines coffee beans from different regions to achieve a unique enhanced profile or recipe.

For example, take a mango. A mango is delicious on its own but a Chef can create a unique signature dish by adding complementary ingredients for special taste and texture.

Now take coffee beans from different regions. Single origins are delicious drunk on their own. They have distinct characteristics in terms of aroma, acidity, body, flavour and after-taste. However, the Coffee Roaster can skillfully mix coffee beans from different regions and create an enhanced complex and balanced blend.

By creating his signature or propriety blend, the Coffee Roaster establishes his brand and point of difference with loyal followers who cannot find their favourite blend elsewhere.

There are two main coffee blending methods:

Pre-roast -blending before roasting

With the Pre-Roast method, the different coffee beans are combined and then roasted together for the same length of time. This method is effective but the Coffee Roaster is limited to coffee beans with similar roasting profile.

Post-roast – blending after roasting

Coffee beans roast at a different rate depending on their variety and conditions where they grew such as soil, altitude and climate.

Blending after Roasting allows for coffee beans differences. Each coffee origin is roasted in a separate batch to its recommended roasting profile.

Bonissimo uses the coffee Post-roast method to create unique blends that capture the regional characteristics of the coffee beans.

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