SereniTEA organic Fairtrade Darjeeling Second Flush tea bags

Organic Darjeeling Second Flush

Grown on the Darjeeling slopes that nestle close to the majestic Himalayas and harvested in the months of May & June, this tea has a unique floral and spicy aroma, a sparkling golden liquor and carries the classic Darjeeling muscatel flavour. This selection of tea is for the connoisseurs.

Comes in 100 biodegradable pyramid silk tea bags in a box.

Pyramid tea bags contain loosely packed whole leaf tea, allowing the tea to infuse with full aroma and flavour.

Unlike paper bags, these biodegradable bags are environmentally friendly and do not absorb the essential oils of the tea, thus retaining all the flavour in your cup.

This tea has a unique floral and spicy aroma.


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