Victoria Arduino Black Eagle 3 group coffee machine

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle 3- group volumetric

T3 technology and gravametric control
Ideal for extra large café of 50kg+ coffee/week

Number of Groups: 3

Machine Type: Volumetric

Boiler Configuration: Multi-boiler

The Victoria Arduino Black Eagle, a 3-group volumetric coffee machine, is the first of its kind to have both T3 and gravametric technologies, giving the barista complete control over not only the temperature of the brew, but also the ration of ground coffee to liquid in the cup. The combination of theses two technologies ensures consistently excellent espress, personalized by enhancing the flavours and aromas of each type of coffee being brewed.

T3 Technology lets the barista set the delivery temperature across all groups. The result is maximum precision, control and accuracy regardless of the workload or environmental conditions. Maximum temperature stability.

Gravametric control gives the barista a higher level of consistency and control over the coffee in which they are brewing. Baristas can set the weight of ground coffee in the portafilter and amount of brewed coffee in the cup, resulting in the best possible cup.

With the machines Low profile the baristas can interact more with their customers and the controls have been simplified with just 3 buttons ( short, long and manual). All components of this coffee machine are pure including copper, stainless steel and aluminum to ensure absolute temperature efficiency and mechanical durability.

Other features on this coffee machine are the push pull steam wand leaver and cool touch steam wand, automatic backflush and teflon coated portafilters to make cleaning a breeze.

Ideal for extra large café of 50kg+ coffee/wk

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