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As a home coffee lover, you can benefit from our many years of experience in the coffee industry for your choice of coffee, equipment and education.

1. The best locally roasted fresh coffee

It all starts with premium mountain grown coffee from the best coffee growing regions in the world.

Two highly experienced senior Coffee Roasters ensure that each coffee variety from the different countries of origin are roasted separately in order to achieve optimum results for that coffee. Coffees are then offered as single origin or carefully blended to suit different preferences.

We can help you choose your coffee beans from our coffee collection to suit your taste.

2. Café style coffee at home

From the home coffee lover who wants to make good coffee to the enthusiast who wants to up-skill we have barista training classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as special classes for latte art.

Bonissimo barista training courses are designed to make sure you can take the best freshly roasted coffee beans and create a great café style coffee at home.

3.Convenience of online ordering

Enjoy the convenience of Australia wide free delivery to your door for coffee orders of 2 kg or more or over $100 for other items.

Visit the online shop to check out the range of coffee, tea, coffee machines and accessories available for home delivery.

4. Locally owned and operated

We understand the local market. We live, work and play in the local community creating jobs and keeping your money circulating at home. Our Bonissimo team is here to serve you.

5. Visit our showroom, roast-house and café

View our clean and efficient roasting process from the 1959 La Vittoria hot air roaster to the fully automated packing and vacuum line.

Or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our in-store café, roast-house and showroom where you can linger over a choice do coffees, checkout the coffee school or get advice on the right coffee machine for you.

Like what you see? Book a demo!

Like what you see? Book a demo! We have a wide range of coffee machines and grinders. Give us a call for an appointment or simply visit our showroom to browse and discuss your coffee equipment needs.

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